72HRS Tube Tent

ITEM 72H-003
Regular price $4.15

Emergency Tube Tent

72HRS Tube Tent

ITEM 72H-003
Regular price $4.15


Never be caught without shelter! Create a campsite or an emergency shelter in minutes using our two-person Camping Tube Tent with 25-foot nylon rope. The 72HRS Tube Tent provided an easy and simple solution for shelter in case of an emergency. This multipurpose tube tent can also be used as an emergency blanket, a rain shield or ground covers.

What's Included:

  • [1] 72HRS Tube Tent
  • [1] 25 ft. Nylon Rope 

How/When to Use:

  1. To pitch up the tent, found to freestanding structures as supports (e.g. Trees, posts, car doors, etc.).
  2. Open up the tube tent  and feed the nylon rope through the tube tent
  3. Secure both ends of the nylon rope to the freestanding structures.

Note: For maximum floor width, suspend the tube tend 76 cm to 91 cm (2.5 ft to 3ft) off of the ground.


  • Dimensions: 8ft x 6ft (96in x 72in)
  • 2.5 mm Thick Polythylene