Why BMG?

Established in 2014, BMG Industries Incorporated proudly stands as a Canadian company specializing in emergency kits, emergency food and water supplies, as well as PPE and first aid kits and provisions. With unwavering dedication, BMG Industries delivers top-notch supplies and unparalleled customer service to its local community and extends its reach throughout Canada.

BMG Industries Inc. is recognized for its expertise in Emergency Kits tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals, families, vehicles, and even large groups, solidifying its reputation as the provider of emergency preparedness solutions in Canada.

We also ensure that our orders are shipped out fast, providing a quick turnaround time for our customers. BMG Industries Inc. house brands include 72HOURS and Ready First Aid.


The 72HOURS brand is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of supplies for emergency preparedness. This includes a diverse and extensive selection of products that play a crucial role during unforeseen circumstances. These offerings cover a broad spectrum of emergency food options, as well as solutions for long-term food storage. The brand also provides provisions for emergency water, along with water filtration and storage solutions, ensuring access to clean drinking water even in challenging situations.

72HOURS further distinguishes itself with its exclusive line of emergency kits. These kits are thoughtfully curated and are available in various formats, including backpacks, duffle bags, buckets, and metal cabinets. Each kit is carefully designed to include essential items tailored for different emergency scenarios, providing individuals and families with the necessary resources to navigate times of crisis effectively.

Ready First Aid

The Ready First Aid brand specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions for a variety of first aid needs. Our range includes a diverse selection of first aid kits and supplies, addressing a wide range of requirements. This covers CSA, Federal, provincial, and regulatory compliant first aid kits, ensuring that our products adhere to the necessary standards for quality and safety.

Our product portfolio extends beyond the essentials, encompassing specialized first aid products like canopies, basket stretchers, privacy shelters, tourniquets, and quick straps. We apply our expertise to various areas, offering tailored solutions for home, outdoor, recreational, personal, and even pet-specific first aid kits. This versatility ensures that our products are aptly suited for a broad spectrum of situations and needs.

What truly distinguishes the Ready First Aid brand is our commitment to upholding the utmost standards of safety and dependability. All of our first aid supplies and kits align with CSA, Federal, provincial, and regulatory guidelines and regulations, underscoring our unwavering dedication to maintaining exceptional quality and compliance across our comprehensive product range.