About BMG


BMG Industries Incorporated is a proudly owned Canadian company that specializes in emergency, PPE and first aid supplies. Founded in 2014, BMG Industries Inc. provides high-quality supplies and unbeatable customer service to its local community and across Canada. BMG Industries Inc. has also supplied emergency kits to customers in the United States as well.

Our Brands

At BMG Industries Inc., we strive to provide the highest quality product at competitive prices. Our team prides ourselves in great customer service and ensure that each customer is 100% satisfied. We also ensure that our orders are shipped out fast, providing a quick turnaround time for our customers. BMG
Industries Inc. house brands include 72HOURS and Ready First AidTM.
72HOURS focuses on emergency preparedness supplies. This includes a wide selection of emergency food and long-term food storage, emergency water and water filtration/storage products, and emergency supplies. 72HOURS also has its own line of emergency kits that come in backpacks, duffle bags, buckets, and metal cabinets. Ready First Aid specializes in first aid kits and first aid supplies. This includes provincial and regulatory first aid kits, first aid supplies and equipment, first aid rooms, and specialized first aid products (e.g. canopy, basket stretcher, privacy shelter, tourniquets, and quick straps). All our first aid supplies and kits meet provincial and federal guidelines and regulations.

Our Clients

Ranging from emergency survival kits to long term food storage options, BMG Industries Inc. has supplied emergency preparedness products to a wide range of different customers and clients. BMG
Industries Inc. has helped supply and replenish several different schools, businesses, and government

Some of the few schools, businesses, and government institutions include:
Northshore Emergency Management
Trans Mountain Canada
Entire School District of Richmond
Apex Forest & Wildfire Services ltd.
Capilano University
Kinder Morgan
Ontario Power Generator
Technical Safety
Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

On top of emergency and first aid supplies, BMG Industries Inc. also specializes in long-term food storage. BMG Industries Inc. is Canada’s exclusive distributor of Mountain House Freeze-Dried Foods. We have supplied Mountain House Products to numerous outdoor adventure outlets as well as camping stores across Canada.