First Aid Kit and Supplies

72hours.ca specializes in the large assortment of first aid supplies in Canada at the best prices.

72hours.ca specializes in the most comprehensive selection of first aid supplies in Canada at the best prices. We specialize in first aid supplies to fill your first aid kits and first aid supplies for training schools.  

Our house brand Ready First Aid contains many basic staples of first aid supplies  We are direct importer and manufacturer of first aid supplies so our prices are the best in Canada.

Also, we are a holder of Health Canada MDEL License.  Our license number is 5360. To download our Health Canada please download the PDF Here. 


Our specialized first aid supplies include

    • Regulatory First aid Kits
      • British Columbia Regulation First Aid Kits
      • Alberta Regulation First AId Kits
      • Saskatchewan Regulation First Aid Kits
      • Manitoba Regulation First Aid Kits
      • Ontario Regulation First Aid Kits
      • Comprehensive First Aid Supplies
        • Compact First Aid Kits
        • Adhesive Bandages
        • Antiseptics, Ointments, Medicated Wipes and Sanitizing Products
        • Elastic Support Compression Bandages
        • Empty First Aid Storage Options
        • Eye Care
        • First Aid Sundries
        • Gauze and Absorbent Dressings
        • Gloves and Respiratory Masks
        • Triangular Bandages
        • Splints and Safety Accessories 
        • Hot and Cold Therapy
        • Sanitation and Hygiene
        • Adhesive Medical Tapes
      • First Aid Equipment
        • CPR Masks and Barrier Devices
        • Blankets
          • Wool Blankets
          • Cotton Blankets
          • Fleece Blankets
        • First Aid Instruments 
        • Immobilization Devices